San antonio or Playa Den Bossa?


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Me and my best mate are visiting Ibiza for 10 days in June but really stuck on which part of the island to stay.
Were both 18 so we havn't really been abroad just to get pissed and club so im just seeing if anyone who has been for recommendations?

Ive had a gander at the spotlight info but they both look ****ing superb so ive hit a brick wall.

We both want:

-Good nightlife, good clubs and decent bars.
-Beach activities/events during the day, ie sports, diving, fishing, paragliding etc etc
-Good beaches overall.
-Large cheap places such as shops, markets to get food and drink from.

Both have the above but which one comes top-dog?

Thanks for any contributions! :spank:
i stayed in san antionio last year its more like malia and magaluf ha. playa den bossa is nice i loved there beach parties. but its ur own style. were eva u go in ibiza u will have a great time. xx
Stay in San-An mate, people rip it, but its got everything you require and its not a ghost town unlike PDB these days. Enjoy :)