San antonio bay


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just wondering a few things as ive never stopped in the bay before:

is it as long as people say it is to walk into san an? bout 45 mins? especially sunset strip?

other ways of getting to san an?

and can you get buses to ibiza town and playa den bosa from the bay?

just got back from staying in the bay, there is a boat for 1.70euro that takes you to san antonio they run every 30mins up till midnight, depending on where abouts your hotel is in the bay it isnt to much of a walk, it took us 30mins depending on how much had to drink amongst other things, haha it took about 5mins to walk back from eden. but anyway, even if u dont want to take the boat or a taxi its quite a nice walk.
there are 2 regular buses that run along the bay to the bus stop at the marina in San Antonio - from here you can connect to Ibiza Town.

there are other buses to some of the beaches that go thru the bay
It takes 15 minutes to walk along the bay. I used to make the walk every night to call my girlfriend :)

Possibly half an hour if you walk extremely slowly!
the boats depart form little ferry pick up points which run right down the bay.

there must be at least 4 or 5 pick up points.