San antonio bay


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this my 3rd time out to ibiza but never stopped in the bay, whats it like and how far is it from san antonio town?? can you walk it? especially when your mind is else where as i normally get the bus to ibiza town & playa den bossa!
Walk or ferry. It depends how far round the bay you are, and if you like to stroll and people watch or not I suppose.
Its my first time there with my missus, A bit scared of taking her to be honest, We are staying in the bay also..I am about to buy a 5 day club pass, have you got any advice for me on buying a pass or do you advise me to wait till i get over there.

Jon 8) 8) 8) :eek:
Why are you afraid of taking her Jon? Just wondering like! There's no problem no matter who your with, what you look like or how old you are.
As for the club pass I would definatly wait till you get out there, you might get a 5 day club pass which allows you into 5 clubs on one day each, then find out all your favourate nights are at Pacha. Or I've heard of passes that restrict you to certain nights so you've paid for nights you don't fancy, then have to pay again for the ones you want.
Just buy tickets on the day, you can get them anywhere and everywhere. Passes are a no no IMHO.