san an bay iz it so dead??



hi im new here, just booked a last minute deal to ibiza today i fly out saturday and i was just reading some news about ibiza and apparently all the bars and clubbs are empty can some one please tell me there not??
:?: :?:

Emz :rolleyes:

I don't think you have anything to worry about. There will be loads of people about.

san an is quiter than last year, but the clubs and bars are still rammed, and the vibe is still their.
hi emzz were and when are you in san an bay?? me and a mate also there 3rd - 14th august at the fiesta milord (i think).

Let Us Prepare!!

im just in san an town in a cheapo hotel near west end...... aarargggghhhhhhhh cant wait.....
i stayed in a hotel near the west end too last a week ago and its not dead, there were loads of ppl everywhere and more ppl were arriving when we were leaving, so it certainly wont be quiet!