san an, a bit dodgy?



is san antonio safe at night for a 16 and 18 year old to be walking round at night till early our in the morning and going in to clubs. someone has told me its unsafe.
its safer than most places.
But yes yo do have to watch yourself, like you would anywhere!
just keep your wits about you, and don't go flashing lots of money about..
the 11 nights i spent in san an where fine but as robo says dont be a dick with your money etc and u will be fine, dont do what u wouldnt do at home
yeh, its cos im going with my parents :( . i make this post and show her the messages. she has this idea that walking home from a club at 5am in morning that i will get stabbed or mugged, she cares to much.
play safe

as the guys said don't flash the cash.

also try to stire clear of the lookie lookie men as they can be a bit poshie and tend to be over bearing.

if you feel unsafe at any time, sit sown at a bar of resturant adn pretend to order something... the once you feel okay again carry on....