Same tunes as 2001


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Came back over a week ago and whilst out there I bought some banging tunes on vinyl..Some big.Praise cats,Lee Cabrera, Crystal waters and some blinders I never heard much but did you find alot of tunes from 2001 where getting caned again?
Funny you should mention that :) ...Yeah I did and it was my 1st time at pacha so obviously I had a great time although I did spend quite abit of time in the first room on the right when u walk in....funky soul stuff.
Also had a bangin knees up in the main room for 3 or so hours but it died on its arse for me about 7ish when the music went all techno and dark..people started walkin out.

But.....still a great night on its own merits but morillo was not as good as some people say he is......

But Pacha and Space were the highlights for me...unbelievable atmosphere :) :) 8) ;)