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Now that the tourist season is over, the water supply to Cala Vedella has gone back to being a little salty. It doesn't really bother me but my fiance complains about it A LOT:rolleyes: Her main problems are she would like water without salt to rinse herself off with after a shower and also for using on the rinse cycle in the washing machine. Being the hard man that I am, I don't care about such minor things :lol:
So I was wondering what other people here do? Does anyone collect rain water or use some sort of filter?
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I use a 5 stage reverse osmosis unit ( €115 - 145 ish pilau/fita/thisa) for drinking water, Saves ever buying bottle`d water again, No cal in kettle at all !
Our tap water up this end is not that bad, So shower etc is ok. They are on about extending / new de-sal plant for the whole island, so should be better (an Ibiza) soon

PS I look to me left on this page and see the below in the new`s :rolleyes:

Spain's Ministry of the Environment is going to spend €13.5 million over the next 18 months so that all Ibiza can enjoy fresh water. At the moment only parts of the island have access to the desalinated water produced by the three plants at Santa Eulalia, San Antonio and Ibiza town.

There are still areas which rely on water from wells on the island, which because of high demand, has high concentrations of salt and calcium. Not only does this make a mess of your afro when you're in your hotel shower in say, Playa de'n Bossa, but also plays havoc with domestic appliances like dishwashers and washing machines.

The investment by the government will provide connections to all three desalination plants and then to the remaining towns and villages on the island so that we can all enjoy sparkling glasses from our dishwashers and more importantly, non-flyaway hair!
Published 22 October 2008
I thought it was always salty water in the taps. What happened to it during the tourist season?
We moved to Cala Vedella in June when the water was not salty. We didn't drink it though. Our neighbors told us that the water will go back to being salty at the end of the tourist season and sure enough it did.

Tim, thanks very much for your suggestion. We will probably look into it this week.
Probably one of the best thing`s I have bought since being here, 2 thing`s with them though, They do waste 2/3 of the water used ( my garden gets that) and the higher water pressure (4-5 bar) you have the better they work, you can get pumped one`s for low pressure. We used to use about €2 of bottled a day, payed for it`self in 3 months and no waste plastic
Part of the reason for wanting better water is for the garden. This salty stuff really isnt great for the plants.
RO is not good for a normal garden as you have taken all the minerals out, The water here is very hard, Worse down the San An end, Mine up here test`s at 14 tds, San An is off the scale (30+) You can get hard water "feeds" that compensate for it ?
... water ... a little salty ...
... my fiance complains about it A LOT:rolleyes:
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