saint and sinner opening party 2003.



Hi all! This years theme for the opening party is Pimps and Hookers, venue has been secured but we cannot advertise, as last year we experienced problems with non members trying to gate crash. So this year we are keeping the venue a secret! the date is saturday 21st june. all members will be notified the meeting point at the end of aprill.
saint and sinner promotion team are offering 200 free memberships and 50 invitations to the opening party.
The difference between the Saint and the Sinner, is that every Saint has a past, and every Sinner has a future! To win a membership or an invite to the white isles most glamorous and exclusive club night, send an email saying whether you are a saint or sinner.
For membership applications email details to.
Budweiser the king of beers!!
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