Ryanair on line Boarding Pass


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I have printed off my boarding pass for a flight to Ibiza - but what do I use for the return leg? Someone thought they cut off the section below the dashed line - but the information in this portion also relates to the outward flight.
Have I missed something? Do I need to go back onto the Ryanair web site to try to download a boarding pass for the return?
Sorted it for myself. Needed to also enter the return leg and print another Boarding Pass. Logical really - but my brain wasn't engaged!
Yeah Ryanair make you pay 40 euros if you fail to print the boarding pass. It's a joke really, I wasn't able to print a pass in Ibiza after I hastily booked a Ryanair flight home since my passport was robbed and I'd missed my easyjet flight. Luckily my travel insurance covered it but it would suck to actually lose 40 euros for a peice of paper that they can print in seconds without any real inconvenience.