run with the bulls



aloha everyone,

i was hoping someone out there might have been to pamplona for the running of the bulls before. i've been on other chat sights and they aren't near as friendly as all of you. i am having a hard time finding a place to stay (all booked or too expensive). is anyone aware of any hostels in pamplona? or the possibility of renting through private families? any suggestions would be really appreciated! by the way i booked my accomodations for ibiza...the 12-15 of july...i am very excited!

Mahalo in advance for any replies!

unfortunately accommodation is at a premium in certain towns in spain at certain times. eg san fermin in pamplona, semana santa in sevilla, the fiesta of Pilar in zaragoza and so on. there is no alterantive but to book well in advance and be prepared to pay lots of money.