Rudimental + Sam Sure @ Ibiza Rocks (29-07-15)


The surprise appearence of Ed Sheeran last night at Ibiza Rocks was one of those worst-kept secrets, with even a picture of him on the plane doing the rounds on twitter!

The queue around the block, that lasted for ages, was a sign that it was going to be a very busy night (with difference, the busiest of the season so far). The Radio 1 event with Faithless on sunday will be another roadblock for sure...

DJ M.A.X is Rudimental's tour DJ and we already saw him last year warming up for John Newman under the moniker P-Funk & M-Boogie (him being M-Boogie). Like the rest of artists on this week's bill, he's linked to Black Butter Records so it made perfect sense that he was added to the line-up.

Sam Sure is one of Black Butter Records' newest recruits and he has been championed by Annie Mac.

His dream of playing on that stage, after attending to one of the events at the hotel in the past, became a reality yesterday. Backed by a drummer and a keyboardist/guitarist, the Londoner showed his vocal talent on tracks such as "Cracks", "Different Rhythms" or his debut tune "Hunger".

He did a good job warming up the already packed hotel courtyard with his Housy-Dubstep hybrid sound!

International chart toppers Rudimental and Ibiza Rocks go back a long way. While on holiday, the Drum'n'Bass band saw Dizzee Rascal at Ibiza Rocks in 2011 (with whom they recently collaborated). A year later "Feel The Love" became an overnight anthem and Amir Amor, Piers Agget, Kesi Dryden and DJ Locksmith were booked for We Are Rockstars. Last year the London quartet returned to the Ibiza Rocks Hotel stage to present their first album Home but this time on a wednesday and with the full live band, a show that I still remember as one of the most energetic and passionate I've seen there.

Just seeing so many instruments on the stage was a promising sight. Eleven members in total including the brass section and an excellent cohort of vocalists (Anne-Marie, Bridgette Amofah, Thomas Jules and Will Heard, also on the saxophone). Before the core four came out, the rest opened fire with "System" from their second album We The Generation (ready to be released in less than two months) as an intro. We were expecting a taste of the new album and songs like "Never Let You Go" or "Rumour Mill" sounded great next to older material like "Right Here", "Not Giving In", "Free" (with many people hoisting each other up on their shoulders) or "Waiting All Night".

Rudimental had something extra special up their sleeve. The climax of the night came when everyone's favourite ginger fella joined them on stage for the Ibiza-inspired "Bloodstream", the song they wrote together for Ed's second album and that will also appear on Rudimental's upcoming album in a reworked version. The deafening screams from the female fans welcomed the young star, looking cool and humble as ever. During the song they got the crowd to sit down and then jump up. The excited faces in the crowd said it all... another of those classic Ibiza Rocks moments. He would return at the end of "Feel The Love", with which they finished the awesome gig.

The show was filled with the energy that only Drum'n'Bass can generate and they got everybody moving. I was wondering if they could match last season's superb concert... not only they did, they actually took it up a level. Thankfully the whole show was filmed by MTV to be broadcasted later this summer!

By the time I left, plenty of fans were trying to access the VIP to see their idol... judging by the pictures on twitter and instagram, some of them had the chance to meet him there and at Pikes!

Clean Bandit are back next week... if you're up for it, you can get your tickets here.


it was good although im not a major fan of any of the acts but Rudimental put on a very good show, got in for free so cant complain, the queue for the bar was nothing short of horrendous, they need to get rid of that ridiculous drinks tokens system too.


Sam Sure setlist:
Cracks / Me & You
You [TCTS]
Catching Feelings
Different Rhythms
Not Alone
Stay There
Over & Over

Rudimental setlist:
Right Here
I Will for Love
Not Giving In
We The Generation
More Than Anything
Never Let You Go
Go Far
Rumour Mill
Waiting All Night
Love Ain't Just A Word
Original Nutter / Burial [Shy FX / Leviticus]
Feel the Love