The presence of Laura Whitmore and part of the MTV team at the entry of the Ibiza Rocks Hotel confirmed that the music television would be covering this week's concerts too...

Just a few weeks ago we found out that Jess Glynne would be opening for Rudimental, instead of Kiesza as originally announced. The Londoner is known for featuring on Clean Bandit's "Rather Be", who we'll be seeing again in one month after their excellent gig last year, and also on Route 94's "My Love" (both singles reached number one on the UK singles chart).

Like when she opened for Bondax at W.A.R! back in june, her performance consisted of only four songs, among them the two mentioned and her debut single "Right Here", where she displayed her extraordinary vocal talent. Way too short but thoroughly enjoyable... it's all about quality, not quantity after all!

She'll be back in september along with Route 94 at W.A.R!...

One week ago we saw Ed Sheeran in our favourite live music venue performing the song he co-wrote with Rudimental ("Bloodstream") and this week it was the turn of the London quartet.

Rudimental (Piers Agget, Amir Amor, Kesi Dryden and DJ Locksmith) made their Balearics debut at W.A.R! in 2002 before they became so popular ("We've got big love for Ibiza Rocks because this is where it all started", they proclaimed last night). Last year, when their first album Home debuted at number one on the UK albums chart, they were announced again for W.A.R! but finally had to cancel due to a major US touring commitment.

They returned to the Ibiza Rocks Hotel stage to present their debut record with the full live band. You know it's going to be special when you see so many things happening on stage: percussion sets, brass instruments, etc. Not only there was more stuff on stage than usual but also more people, ten of them altogether including the core four.

To label them as Drum'n'Bass would be unfair as their music is much more than that, with elements from so many different genres (Jazz, Soul, R & B, Hip Hop, Reggae, Rock and so on), often hitting several styles in a single song. It was wonderful to see the energy and passion the whole band transmitted in songs like "Right Here", "Not Giving In" (which we already heard in june when John Newman played here), the new "Too Cool", "Free", "Waiting All Night" (sung on the album by Ella Eyre, who will be at Ibiza Rocks in august) or their breakthrough single "Feel The Love", when everyone went mental singing and clapping!

The truth is their album don't do justice to how incredible those songs sound live and now I understand why the BBC named them in 2013 as the festival band of the summer. One of the best shows I've seen in a long time, which surpassed all my expectations, and easily the most entertaining we've seen in that stage since Major Lazer at W.A.R! two years ago. No wonder four guys and one girl broke the security line and jumped in the pool at the end of the night as we were all over-excited, hot and sweaty after what we just saw and heard...

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Rudimental performing Waiting All Night, live at Ibiza Rocks Hotel during their incredible performance live under the stars.