read mixed views on this place on other pay for what you get.advice is when you do get a place.check other hotels out as well.i know its time but a quick look round and try to get a view of a room as well.might help you another time you go to ibiza.then there is the choice of which resort.its took me years to get the right place.and this year i am moving to another old one is going downhill.not the same as it was.shame
I work at a bar just round the corner from the Rosamar. We have a lot of people in who stay at the Rosamar and Iv never heard any complaints.

Been in the rooms they're and they are just the same as most hotels, nice and simple.

How much time are you going to spend in your room though? Its just a place to keep your stuff and get your head down really!

It is run by Thompson i believe...

My advice would be avoid buying any trips or anything from the reps.. they just rip you off... have a walk round and have a look in the bars... they always have better offers.
When we went past this hotel last May, although it looked nice and in a good location, there was what looked like the beginnings of a building site right in front of it - might explain why it seems such a bargain now?
we're booked for the rosamar, the reviews ive read on it seem to be good...apparently 9th best hotel on the bay according to trip advisor lol cant really say to be honest as long as i can lay about the pool during the day and get a tan and the rooms are clean im happy...tho i did read it was harsh on noise and stuff at night but is an 18-30 holiday that confused me, long as i dont get chucked in the pool all will be fine haha! xx
I stayed in Rosamar a few years back in June 05. It was a great place to stay. It was probably one of the best apartments I have had in Ibiza but remember that was 4 years ago. The rooms were fairly spacious and decent sized balconies. All rooms had air con.

If you are getting a good deal to stay here I would defo take it....

There is not a good deal nearby mind, its a good walk to the nearest resturants and bars etc. Check out Kumharas further round the bay about a 5-10 min stroll away. BN3 has recently relocated nearby which has a few pre parties for the big clubs and also has club tickets etc.
Stayed there quite a few times and would recomend it very highly.

You must try the Smugglers Inn, across the road, for Sunday lunch.
i stayed there on my 2nd time in ibiza, and got kicked out for jumping over a small wall (MY BALCONY WAS ON THE GROUND FLOOR AT THE POOL)

i got moved to paraiso

i nearly died lol
lol poor u gettin kicked out tho to be honest im terrified of muckin about next to water so it makes me feel better that they dont like this here! haha cause i cant swim im always thinkin sum1 will pick me up n thro me :oops:
we are staying at the Rosamar in 3 weeks ( 15 aug- 22nnd Aug) and cant wait.Most reviews ive read have been good. The only bad ones are familys who said its full of young people which is what we want anyway!
I stayed there last year and I am due there again next week. Its a good hotel. Clean, nice sized pool, good little bar and good bar food. Daytime pool entertainment is a bit naff but overall if you want a hotel in the bay then I give it a big thumbs up!

stayed there last year, would defo go back....

nice apartments, we had a joining one facing the sea, and although building was starting over the way, you wouldnt really know

bit of a walk back from san an town- but hey, thats the bay!