Rosalia Hostel


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Anyone stayed there before? I know they are pretty basic but just wondering how basic its just I have found a really good deal for there next year 2 weeks for £323 a bargain so Im tempted to book it...
Very very basic!! It used to be a 20's hotel. I think now it is Panorama or Club 25. The pool is the size of a large bath. It is situated in the centre of San An so only a 5 minute walk to the West End or 10 Mins to Mambo area. I hope this helps.
Thank u. Yea i think it still is 2wentys. Are they clean enuff? Its bed and breakfast basis so do you know how that works? Thanks a million :D
All I can say is that they are very basic and old. There is a small bar area below where you get your breakfast (not a full English!!). I am sure they are ok on the cleaning front.