Roll On 2009 haha!! :D


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well exactly what the title says :D my mates and i had a wicked time in july!! was our first time, cant wait for next year for our second abit sad tho because the funny thing was is that i was searching for pink panther all week and when i finally found it i was on the coach going to the airport to go home :( maybe next year cant wait to book it!!!

were pretty much the same, going on a lads holiday, but will be our first time to ibiza.

when do u thinks the best time to go and where?

would u say it is the place to go for a bunch of 18/19 year olds?
well at first i had my doubts because i've been magaluff and zante and loved them both but thought nothing can compare to those 2 but it was absolutly amazing just depends what your into i spose, i dont really know the best times to go we went first week in july and it was really busy probs go same time next year..we stayed at Hotel Pacific was brilliant in my opion nice pool alright food but never really had chance to taste it was always out, yeah its deffo the place to go at that age lol im 21 and i loved it soo dont seee why you lads wont enjoy it, but as i said before depends what ya into. :)
Zante was brilliant i think there is only about 2/3 clubs mostly bars...and your not aloud to sit outside of the bars after a certain time because of the locals, but you are able to go inside they use some kind of special windows and doors to stop noise going outside, but its still great inside.....heres a good website tells you about the pubs and clubs it has a friendly atmosphere to you still get the PR's etc but there everywhere lol, overall it was brilliant..i would reccomend it to anyone!