Roger Sanchez @ Turnmills 20/12/04

Mark Sun

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OMG the man is a genius - we're not worthy!!

Got down nice and early and had a chat to my mates whilst listening to the S Man warm up - some seriously nice funky house: not too cheesy, just smooth and foot-tapping stuff.. the place was still quite empty at 11, so we took full advantage by dancing around wildly to use the floorspace we knew we wouldn't have later. They were filming a DVD for the next release yourself CD, and a couple of my more photogenic mates were filmed shaking their booties :)

About 11.30 the place was suddenly packed, and the tunes were getting tougher. This was exactly my cup of tea - chunky-as-all-heck house with deep, funky basslines and tribal percussion -NICE.

About this time, Roger announced that he was going to play a 14 HOUR SET and everyone went ballistic!! I think he followed up the announcement with a tribal house version of Coldplay's 'God put a smile on your face' which was absolutely magnificent.

Unfotunately the management wouldn't let Rog play all the way til midday on Sunday, so we had to settle for a 8.30am finish - still, the bloke didnt leave the DJ booth for 10.5 hours - he's an absolute machine :eek: :eek: We were a little disappointed about the 'early' finish, but he tried to make it up to us by taking 'requests' for the last tune. He couldn't really understand the shouting from the crowd, so he just plyed 'Sweet Dreams' instead - awesome stuff :)

All in all by far the best DJ set I've heard this year, and possibly ever. I'm his new biggest fan - so here's to you, Mr Sanchez!! :eek: :eek: 8) :twisted:
Ahh, I sooooo wanted to get to this, will just have to wait for his next one at Turmills though, sounds like you had a fab night!