Roger S @ Bed 27/09


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After a on/ off saga last week about wether we would go to see the S-Man, I had to hoodwink the misus into going, but it worked :D :D

Got a taxi from Doncaster with a mad bloke in a black cab that obvisouly wasn't a black cab really, he didn't know where BED was and said he was dropping us at the train station. I told him he wouldn't get paid if he didn't find it!! He stopped and asked 2 girls (young and blonde and very desireable ;) ;) ). They said we are going there, so I said to jump in. They said are you Threshers, to which Shelley said yes, I was wetting myself and had to come clean!! They were very drunk, and it was dark in the back of the cab, they obvisouly didn't realise I was more likely to be a tutor!!

First visit to BED, and am not sure on what to think of the venue, it was so darned hot in there, probably the hotest venue I have ever visited!!!

Shelley had her first bodily contact with the big fella when he came over and gave her a squeeze. She was damp for the rest of the night, and I was instantly redeemed for twisting her arm to go :D :D

We both enjoy Roger whenever we see the big guy, he was good again on Saturday, playing all kinds, always selecting the right tune when things were just starting to drop off a bit. As usual I could describe a dozen tunes, and not name 1!! I really must make more effort :D

There were two fire alarms, the 2nd one lasting for about 15 minutes, which was a blessing as we were in the chillout room that was playing some hip-hop/ rap stuuf that dosn't really agree with my ears. The sound of the alarm and no music was much more chilled. I thought it was pretty cool how the big man had the place quickly back on track after two false alarms, the 2nd of which the firemen were still in the club when the music came back on :D :D :D Or was it all a part of the show, hmm can't really anwser that :eek: :eek: :eek: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

Will deffo be going again, perhaps we should have dressed more suitably, but I had to pretend we were only going for a few beers!! We both prefer Basics @ Rehab, but it's nice to have a few different options and type of venue now we are back in UK.