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I'm staying here with 3 mates in July. What's the hotel like? Good area? Much to do in the area? Or is it a long walk to do stuff?
Stayed here a couple of times, its a alround family hotel, typical butlins affair with evening entertainment etc. Rooms are nice, either selfcatering blocks in the grounds of hotel or room only/half board in the hotel itself.

Its positioned at the bottom of the bay where there are a good selection of restaurants, bars and shops, something for old and young but basically i would say its a 'family' area although there are a number of apartments around that cater for younger scene such as the solbay which is next door. Its right next to BN3, which does pre parties (if you say ibiza uncovered last year it was on there). Not far from Kumharas (sunset bar) which is always worth a look as long as its open.

Its a hike to the town, a good half hour walk although there is a bus stop outside which runs frequently, there is also a water taxi on the beach across the road that runs every half hour.

it isnt a 18-30 type hotel so dont expect it to be fun, frolics and noise:)
Yeh, decent hotel. The beaches nearby arnt amazing, but isnt too far in a taxi to Cala Bassa and Cala Conta.. both amazing beaches!

If your going clubbing, your right next to BN3. Its a pre-club bar that was on the Ibiza 2008 programme on Living TV. They sell tickets for all the nites, they have some of the Islands DJ's playing there, they arrange free transport to all the clubs (Coaches) and do Pre-Parties for some of the biggest nites on the Island! Its a really good bar. Drinks prices arnt bad either!

Just round the corner is Oasis Bay, amazing breakie! Make sure you go down!
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