Riviera Hotel San Antonio Bay


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Hiya im going over 19th sept for the closing parties and staying at this hotel. Does anyone know what its like and what the foods like, were going all inclusive coz it was so cheap and can get our moneys worth of alcohol!

Hoping its guna be a nice place :)

Been there a few times, at the bottom end of the bay, typical family style hotel with butlins type entertainment every night. Overall a good hotel, but dont expect it to be noisey or an 18-13 type place as they are quit strict on noise.

There is a good selection of shops and bars around, outside is a bus stop, although remember there is a one way system in operation at this part of the bay. A watertaxi stop is across the road next to the hotel milord. :D
Was last there in summer of 2006 so not sure if it had changed hands...didnt realised it had. I stayed in a suite room on the top floor (two adjoining rooms) self catering and it was a good family hotel then.

Has there been much of a change since its takeover?
ive just returned from a week stay here.

was in an ideal location. right next to a beach where you can get a boat taxi to the west end for 2.50

The club BN3 is next door and does preparties for most the events. and so you can get a free bus from there to all the big nights which is cool.

there isnt much choice on food. but you wont go hungry

they are a bit funny with noise and we were threatened with police if we didnt go to bed, but that was only because my friend was very drunk and thought it would be funny to walk down to reception wearing his bedsheet as a toga.
the receptionist (who is absolutely stunning!) loved it, but the hotel security guard wasnt best pleased and kept comin to check that my mate was asleep! Although this was on the last night we were there. the rest of the week we behaved and didnt get told anything although from talking to other guests, they had experienced warnings

staff are a bit rude and dont know their please and thank you's.
We were very polite to all the staff and just felt like we were being looked at as scum!

Perfect location though! close enough to all the fun. and far enough to get some peace when you need it

i will definately be returning there when i go to Ibiza in the future!
Hi Cass totally looking forward to it so much .. going over for closing parties !!

sorry to be picky but any chance of some ideas of what the food consists of? im a fussy eater haha but looking forward to the alcohol more than anything else .. sounds like a lovely hotel !
everyday there were salad things. and a different pasta dish each day. and then the first night it was a choice of beef caserole, some sort of white fish, chips, burger in breadcrumbs
2nd day was pork chops, mash potato, white fish, burger in breadcrumbs
3rd day was lamb in some horrible sauce, chips, muscles, fish fingers
cant really remember the rest
Oh glad I looked at this as we are going next friday!! Do you know anywhere where we can get cheap club tickets? Are there any bars you can recommend in the area
BN3 is right next to the Riveriera, might be a good place to start as they seem to do a few preparties
within 10 minute walk

if you turn right out of the hotel, you come to peppers 2 a good busy fun bar, then a little further on is mari pins.. lots more smaller bars and cafes..as already stated bn3 is in front of your hotel , if you turn left and walk along the bay road a ten minute walk brings you to another strip of bars. . pink panther party bar , donnegans irish pub and bucaneeros and many more .. you can ferry boats across into to the town centre all along the bay xx8)