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^ beautiful words Amigo! what a story!
One of the best I reckon.:) I see now why you happily eat your way around Ibiza,a night like that cant be topped . Some have been lucky to have random nights that now it doesn't matter who or what plays where.. nothing would top that for many of us..


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I loved 'Jilted' and caned that CD to death - it briefly felt like the most exciting music in the world. Diminishing returns thereafter until they eventually became unlistenable, but I always admired the fact they genuinely didn't give a shit.
For me it was more about the singles/ep’s they released during the 90’s, Prodigy experience and jilted . Got back into them again when they released invaders must die. And had the pleasure of watching them live at Milton Keynes bowl. Not so much my kinda music nowadays but they definitely left a mark on me.