Richie Hawtin to release new mix, and plastikman album


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‘Ctrl’ (or Control) will be the title of Richie Hawtin’s new mix album. With his previous album ‘Decks, Efx, and 909’ in mind, Hawtin will take DJ’ing to the next level. This time, he will use Stanton’s Final Scratch, Releton Live, and Red Sound Cycloops all together in a whole new mix of vinyl, samples and digital sound files. Hawtin already started his new tour in Toronto in Canada last month to promote ‘Ctrl’.

Almost similar to the title of Hawtin’s mix album is the name of his new artist album: ‘Closer’. This album takes us straight into Hawtin's head, a place he's been hiding the next chapter of Plastikman for five years. His new album will contain a track called ‘Disconnect’ which contains Hawtin’s own vocals. The track will be available at the end of September, while the album ‘Closer’ will be released on October 20th.