Richie Hawtin silly pictures thread


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H from Steps?


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I expect so. :lol:

I can just see him judging a minimal idol competition on prime time telly.


as 'guest coaches', they could have sven or ricardo to test out how much they can cane it or luciano on how to deal with doing a u-turn on the scene!


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HA that is JOKES!!!
who'd have thought sven had his own airline:):):)
and the secret love affair between the captain and hawtin is very cute


usually he flies with a private jet company to ibiza (owned +operated by lufthansa i think)
had wrong info.
friend working for private jet company flew some guys from cannes to ibiza today.
they landed around 4pm. that "sven väth"-jet was there again.
it´s not operated by lufthansa, but has german registration and they were told
it´s from a sponsor from väth.
then another jet came in ca. 4.30pm where the smaller planes park ... it was tiesto .