REVIEW: Tiësto at Privilege 6/22


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I've seen Tiesto 4 times in large and small venue's and that about sum's up his normal performance. He's been like that for years now. Armin is still a great show, and can really tear up a room. PvD is decent and like was said Ferry is either hit or miss (too much blatant self promoting for my tastes).

For my money I'd rather see Above & Beyond. I'm looking forward to getting to see JOC though, he's one of my favorite producers these days, and his new track "Find Yourself" is tight as hell. Filo & Peri put on a surprisingly good show the last 2 times I saw them this year so I'll look forward to seeing them in a few weeks, but I think I'm going to pass on Tiesto...he just doesn't put out the performance I expect for the price of going to see him.


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Aye theres many a dj i would put before tiesto some examples would be cosmic gate, Stoneface & Terminal, Mat zo, Super8 & Tab and above and beyond of course only seen filo and peri once and thought they were ok nothing major yo should check out cosmic gates remix of find yourself way way better then the original.


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What like last year with Sander Van Doorn, Chris Lake etc etc DJ's who i class as slightly higher than mediocre?
Never read such bollox in my entire life. Trance music wouldn't be what it was today without Tiesto's influence.

Exactly.... Trance was good in the 90's (or is it cos I was a youngster then) ...

Tiesto turned it to sh** lol


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I've been clubbing since about 1999 and Tiesto at Privilege last year was up there in my top 3 nights clubbing ever and my best ever one in Ibiza after about 9 trips. The set he played last year was really good driving trance, the crowd was ace and while it was really busy you still had room to dance. I've been to Privilege a few times but never when it's been packed out and it's a really good club when it's busy. I changed my dates for this years trip so that I could go to his closing party.

A lot of my mates hate trance these days so I go to loads of different nights music wise but it's this kind of music that still gives me the biggest buzz when I'm out. The newer trance that's out is to me loads better than a lot of the older stuff.

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