Review - Subliminal Sessions 5 - mixed by Erick Morillo



CD1 kicks off with the disco anthem "Relight My Fire" by Dan Hartman, before turning out the fresh Subliminal newbies from Harry Romero with his awesome "I Go Back" single and E Funks new "Crazy", from the start of the Cd you get the impression how this is going to be a bit of a journey through many tunes, and the hint to this is on the sleeve picture with "Taking You Back" sprayed on the wall.

Morillo floats between new and old before he hits us with, for me, one of the highlights of this CD. New signing Monkey bars "You Be Want Some Fun" which is an essential filtered up deep rocking edge house track with a monster catchy vocal hook alongside a wicked electro edge aswell. Other E Smoove productions like "Heartbreaker" and bouncy madness of Robbie Riveras "Feel This" round off the Cd to the end.

CD2 starts with the new track from Erick, Harry & Jose with Jessica Eve on vocals, "Dancin" which has a nice deep groove to it, and this Cd has a more deeper outake from the beginning. Featuring Mr G with "How U Doin' Eh?" classic Li'l Louis "French Kiss", George Morels "Ritmo" and carving the edge of the mix with Oliver Liebs Smoked "Metropolis" which really builds the deepness and energy of the Cd. It finishes off with CZR's "Can u Feel It" and Robbie Rivera's "Liar".

I have to admit I thought from the outset that this would be 2 mixes of all new material, and maybe thats what weve come to expect? But instead, Erick throws down the CD's to fresh material, old classic tracks and just down right dirty grooves.