Review Space opening party 03


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HY all!
Just back from the white island!
Space opening was amazing! The best party I've ever seen!
The best place was for me the terrace with Steve Lawler, Tom Novy, Smoking Jo. There was enough place to dance and wasn't too crowdy, fantastic!
And guys: God is a DJ! And it's called Carl Cox! Oh my god never seen a DJ spinning such music, every 2-3 min. he changed the record. His mixing tecknik was absolutely perfect! The crowd was going mad!
There was also an additonal stage "Outdoor-parking" so that people could spread overall.

Best DJ: Carl Cox, Steve Lawler
Best place: Terrace (open until 1 o'clock!)
Worst DJ: John Degweed (sorry, but he was just mixing his record, he made an impression like mixing at Space would be boring for him!)
Negative point: No food, nothing to eat in 20 hours!

Anysbody else who was there? Please tell us your impression.
Sounds like you had a wicked time.

Did they have any music in the 'Outdoor parking' area or was it a kinda chill out area?

Wonder if they'll have that open for We Love Sundays opening!! Hope so.

Roll on the 22th June. :D :D :D
No chill out!

HY K-eat
no chill out music in the outdoor-parking stage. It was more progressive style.
You were there for 20 hours???

and nothing to eat at all? Could't you get out once to get something to eat and then return..?
Yeh I had the expensive ticket (45€, you can go outonly once) so I could go out and eat something but a lot of people I met bought the cheap ones and they coudn't go out!
Please Space crew at the closing party organise some food!