Review of My Week.


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Right here goes, the review of my week of hedonism on the white isle.

Day 1.

10 of us arrived around 1:30 am on Friday June 28.
Hired a car so we could got to apts in SanAn to get changed and turn straight round to Ministry@Pacha, without messing about with taxis.
I must admit found the music in Pacha a bit too "funky" and the crowd a bit pretentious, but to be honest I was too spangled to care.
Had a couple of those, "did I really see that moments?" - I thought I saw Niki Lauda (of all people - a scary sight indeed!), and a very sweaty Jamie Theakston, with distinctly dilated pupils. (a much more likely Pacha participant one has to say). If anyone can corroborate these sightings, and thus prove my sanity - please do!
From there we went straight to the Ministry Carry on @ Space, for a very enjoyable morning and afternoon chilling on the Terrace. Took great delight in the fact that I WAS THE LAST PERSON TO LEAVE AT AROUND 3 p.m. Yes - the club that never closes had actually had to ask me to leave! I was buzzing now - and taking great delight in telling everyone that I would repeat this occurrence for We Love Sundays.
From there we went to Bora Bora for a while, and then back to the apts. It was then that I made my first gross error of judgement. Rather then spend a nice quiet evening recharging the batteries (after 40 hours unbroken sleep at this point) to prep for We Love Sundays, I was coerced by friends (who had slept) into attending the rather sad Dave Pearce Euphoria night @ Eden (Why oh why is there so little going on on a Saturday?). With the intention of going for half an hour or so (so that I would be vaguely human for WLS) we exitted Eden at about 5:30, all "anthemed" out. Then got back to the apts and ranted and talked shite for about a couple of hours, before it was time for the highlight of the week - "WE LOVE SUNDAYS!!".
At this point I made gross error of judgment #2. This was to pick up my empty sunglasses case to take with me as I was wearing the glasses themselves. Also when we got there, I felt a little perturbed at not being able to pay by credit cards (they didn't work because they were a little "dusty") as I only had around 250 Euros - however I felt very relieved when my two friends strolled in before me without being searched (they were the ones carrying our bits and pieces). At this point my chest came out, and I made a point that the security guy should search me. He frisked me all over, and on finding my glasses case asked what it was. I told him, and he seemed happy with my explanantion, and was going to let me pass. This was not good enough I thought, and gross error of judgement #3 occurred as I took out my glasses case and offered it to him to look at. I opened it for him, and imagine my surprise that I then found that my wife had been using it as a little hiding place for our tackle! My head immediately exploded, as I saw the prospect of the one thing I had been looking forward to all year evaporate in front of me. Despite this I tried to act nonchalantly, and I took the offending item placed it in the bin immediately to my right, closed the case and continued to walk into the club hoping for the best. The next thing I knew, a rather hairy gorillas arm grabbed me by the shoulder. I turned around and the hairy arm was pointing at the case again. As I scraped myself off the floor again, I then re-opened the case to find that there was more offending items, beneath the original one. My next cause of action was to turn the case inside out and empty it completely into the bin, zip it up again and try for a second time to walk off nonchalantly. At any point I was expecting a baseball bat across the head and it wasn't until I had
wobbled all the way to the bar that I could turn around to see that I had finally completed my mission successfully.
I'm not sure if it was the traumatised entrance, the sleep deprivation, or the line up (would have much preferred the opening or the week after with Sasha), but WLS was a bit low key for me. Also last year we went on Radio 1 weekend - with a much better line up. Steve Lawler was pretty average, but that said the Terrace is still THE place. It is the only place in the world that someone can play such a shite song as Sweet Dreams and you can still think you are in heaven. Also "I Feel Love" was one of the holiday champagne moments as voted for by our group of travellers.
Anyway, after seeing about an hour of Deep Dish, we were running out of money - and nothing was working in any case so we left at about 3 am. After about a couple of hours or so of talking bollox, I tried to go to sleep, couldn't so went for a walk with the wife, finally had something to eat at Coastline, thought briefly about going to DC-10s but finally managed to get to sleep around 2 p.m., making it 76 hours unbroken. Not as good as last year, but still quite an effort.

Day 2

Woke up at about 7 pm. and remembered we had actually hired a car. Couldn't remembered where we had left it (apart from the fact that it was somewhere near Pacha.). So got a taxi to Ibiza Town, and spent the next 2 hours looking for it. At this point my head has dropped off big style. I don't know my name, my left from my right, or how to walk or talk. Yet when we find the car (despite obviously walking right past it 4 times), I find myself in the unenviable position of being the only person insured to drive it - not at all clever. Somehow we make it onto the main road back to San An despite repeateadly circumnavigating Ibiza Town's winding back streets. Decide to take a breather at the restaurant opposite Privilege, and had a lovely (if rather surreal) piece of sea bass. Highlight of the meal was the fact that wife went to the loo, but her head could work out how to unlock the door - so she had to clamber over the top. Apologies to the excellent staff and manager - who probably couldn't lock up that evening whilst waiting for someone to come out of the loo. Then drove straight past Privilege (some party members who hadn't been to ManuM before were tempted), but we all decided that a day off was required.

Day 3 and 4

Spent a couple of days visiting Salinas (was tempted to unravel my appendage, but the efforts of the past few days meant that I couldn't even find it!), and Benirras (no hippies though), and doing the bars in Ibiza town at night. Went to Slinky @ Es Paradis on Wednesday - Jon Kelly was excellent but unfortunately there was only around 150 people there.

Day 5

Last night was Thursday night, and despite having a good time, I still hadn't had a real Euphoric uplifting moment. I was depending on Cream @ Amnesia to deliver - and deliver it did! Tiesto and PVD are right up my street - being a big fan of trancey, hard and uplifting Euro house. Two of the best exponents at the place where it all began. After nearly a week of overindulgence, my wife and I were the only ones from our party to make it, but we met up with a pair of mad Americans who we had a great time with. Euphoric moments were supplied aplenty. The place was mental, and every time it kicked off - the dry ice machine depositted its goods. I had not noticed it before, but at Amnesia it feels as though the smoke comes up through the floor, up your trouser legs, rattles about with your nadgers, lifts you up about 2 metres, cools you down by about 50 degrees, before finally exitting through every facial orifice. You feel uplifted and possessed in every sense of the word - now I know how the girl in the Exorcist must feel (apart from the mucking about with the cross bit of course!).
After a great night we went for a smoke with our new found friends at the beach at Bora Bora, and then returned back to the apts.

Day 6

Went home.... (somehow lost a day somewhere!)


Best night - definitely Amnesia - I never thought I would say that anything could usurp WLS, but Cream definitely did. Maybe it is just me, or it was just my state of mind at the time....?

Worst point - As ever - overindulging so much so that I didn't make the most out of WLS. Also not managing to follow it up with DC-10s although everyone is saying it is not the same this year (comments anyone). Also, still haven't managed to get to El Divino - everyone tells me it is the most beautiful club, but somehow I never manage to get there - are they right?

Plans for next year - definitely to fly out on the Sunday red eye, so that we can't be tempted into anything else before WLS - and thus don't turn up there as dribbling wrecks - and are in a position to experience the full WLS hit.

Thats it now - if you made it through all of this thanks very much, I really didn't meant it to be so long, but as soon as the memories came flooding back I couldn't help myself!!!

You really all must do it!!!!
Did you spend the day you lost writing all that??

Nice One! Do you see Slinky lasting the season at Es Paradis and how busy was Cream compared to last year?
Yeah, excellent review - I would agree that El Divino is probably the most beautiful club
smiley said:
Superbe, everyone should write a review like this one, once their back 8)

too true very interesting post to read
JonnyDp said:
Nice One! Do you see Slinky lasting the season at Es Paradis and how busy was Cream compared to last year?

Can't see Slinky lasting too long, mainly because Subliminal will be everyone's first choice for Wednesdays. The line ups are top notch, indeed we would have gone to see Morillo, but we wanted a fairly small scale night, to make sure our heads were on for Cream on Thursday.

Regarding Cream, I didn't go last year, so I can't compare it, but I do know it was crammed. It only started thinning out (in the main room particularly) once the sun had come up. I can't see it being any different all year, especially the nights that pvd and tiesto are on.