REVIEW: Carl Cox @ Space 11/08/09


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Party/Event: Carl Cox - Join Our Revolution

Club: Space

Date: 11/08/09

DJs: Carl Cox, Green Velvet, DJ Lucca, Tom Pooks, Plump DJs

Cost of entry: 20 Euro with flyer to be used before midnight

Cost of drinks: San Miguel/Budweiser - 10 Euros, Vodka Limon - 13 Euros

Transport: Way there - Bus to Ibiza Town then bus to PDB - 3.50 / Way Back - legal taxi - 27 Euros

I was dying to go back to see Carl Cox @ Space again - hadn't been in ages, not since when they used to have In Bed With Space starting on the Wednesday morning after Carl Cox had finished and everyone used to wait in the pub across the road (not sure what it was called back then but it's now known as the Zanzibar) until Space reopened at 9am before piling back in to see Barbara Tucker and Jon Ulysses on the terrace... too bad that doesn't happen any more eh?

Speaking of the Zanzibar - that's where we started our night and then headed over to Space at 11pm. When we got in the Sunset Terrace was already rocking as Carl Cox played his first set of the night.



The Sunset Terrace is a great place to start the night and now iv'e noticed they don't close it at midnight like I remember - it still stays open through the night as a chill out area and the music is turned down really low.

When Coxy finished his set we went into the Discoteca where this female DJ (DJ Lucca) was playing the opener. She was really good and after she finished Tom Pooks came on who we thought was playing trance but it sounded quite good!

Eventually Carl Cox took to the decks about 2.30am and the music went up a level - he was playing some seriously evil techno and it's fair to say that he was rocking the place!




By this time the new terrace had opened and The Plump DJs were playing some weird electro breakbeat music - it was good but I couldn't get my head around it! But credit to Carl Cox and co. for always putting on a diverse selection of DJs at his night.


Green Velvet then followed them and he was playing some really banging techno. We caught a bit of his set before heading back into the Discoteca for more of Coxy.


We headed home about 4.30am knackered in a taxi!
If you haven't been to Carl Cox @ Space yet you should definitely check it out - arguably one of the best nights on the island.
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nice 1.. thanks.

really looking forward to this night, going on the 24th or the 1st :)

where were you coming from on your travels? San An?
You have been a busy boy! Apologies for my impatience!

I'm still miffed that Coxy isn't going to be there on the 1st! :x
green velvet is certifiably bonkers :lol: but he sure knows how to produce banging tunes, the recent 'case of the lost jacksters' a prime example
You have been a busy boy! Apologies for my impatience!

I'm still miffed that Coxy isn't going to be there on the 1st! :x

Carl Cox is not there when I'm there either I'm wondering if he knew I was coming.. I must have told him last time I continuously bothered him on a night out so he took the week off and the next just incase :evil: Yousef is there but I will have to wait through the likes of Mark Knight first :evil::lol: