return to ibiza for the 6th time in june " who's around




Planning to once again reck havok on the dance floors& terraces of ibiza.

fancy hooking up and havin' it large.

will be in ibiza from 21st june till 5 july. staying in san an bay.

their will be me and 2 other guys.
I already told you that I would be there from June 20-26 or around there. Just saying so again! Are you going to meet up with everyone at Bora Bora?
meeting up

i will try to get to bora bora to meet up can't say when have not come up with a time table yet.
have you guys or girls got any set nights

have you made any set plans for set nights while you are their.

i.e. cream or ministry etc.

:D june 21st to july 5th.

do you have any palnned nights yet barbie?
I know that I am going to Sundays at Space on June 22, then to Pacha on Monday, and then probably Pacha again on Tuesday, though I am not sure of that yet. Roger Sanchez will be at Pacha opening party on Monday night, right?