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anyone been what do you think? I go every month in england and personally i love it!

Paul Taylor is a ledgend!!!!
Never been in Ibiza cos it has always clashed with something, when it was on Tues it clashed with Perfecto and then when they moved it to Weds it clashed with Subliminal.

It's the only thing I would go to Eden for cos sometimes you just want to hear loads of classics on a night out. Retro had a tent at last years Homelands and Paul Taylor was fab, played stuff like Promised Land, Yeke Yeke, Where Love Lives etc........
been quite a few time, sometimes it can be really good and you can hear loads of oldschool all night, othertimes they just seem to play loads of boring trance and then 2 hours of oldschool at the end.

also the atmosphere tends to vary, and sometimes its a bit of a let down after being at space all day for the manumission carry on and you get to Eden and people dont seem to be up for it in the same way

wicked ;)

if you like your music age as in old school or c couple of year old...

top night tho....give it a go...