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I am 20 and thinking of going ibiza for my 21st birthday next year. I wondered if anybody can tell me which resort is the best for the clubbing seen and preferably the best resort not neccaserily being the most expensive...:)
Also my birthday is in April, which month is the best month to go? And which months are the ones where all the clubs are open:?:

Ill be coming with a few friends and my boyfriend and we want a non stop clubbing scene, however i do want to visit the beach in the day whilst there and do other things as well :p

Hope someone can help:!: :D

hi Emma

Not only can I help, I can point you to the best Ibiza resource on the Internet. At the top of this page, you'll see a link that says "Ibiza Spotlight Home". Follow that link for all the background info on Ibiza you need! :D

This page has some descriptions of the main resorts:

Here is the party calendar. While next year's calendar won't be ready until spring, this should give you an idea as to when the major parties get started:

The main clubbing season is May-October. If you go earlier, there will still be things to do and the club Pacha will be open as well as some smaller places, but it'll be a different experience.

Do take a look at the main Spotlight site and then get back to us if you've got some more specific questions ;)
I did have a look at that site, and it was actually very good!! But it doesnt give that much info on the different resorts:

Playa d'en Bossa / Figueretas
San Antonio
San Antonio Bay
Santa Eulalia

Out of all them which would be the best... club wise, which are the best clubs to experience in ibiza, meaning which are not to be missed
I was leaning towards San Antonio, however on that map there arent that many clubs in that area, compared to others...:p

I am thinking maybe June even though my brithday is April, they obviously wont be open properly then will they, so probably June.

Had a look at the places to stay on that site and it seems so cheap compared to hotels in the uk! lol! :lol:

Thankyou for your response, you have been most helpful!!:D

Most people on here stay in either Playa den Bossa/Figueretas or in San An/Bay.

I prefer PdB. It's much closer to Space and Pacha and no further to Amnesia and Privilege. Also Ibiza Town is a short ride (or even walk from Figuretas) and there's a nice bar and restaurant scene there.

San Antonio has a lively bar scene, 2 big clubs (albeit with fewer marquee nights), and several smaller nightclubs. It's reputation is very young and British, as opposed to more of a mix on the other side of the island. Word is that's changing these days.
Ohhh thats good advice, think ill print what you just wrote off, then i dont forget by the time it comes to it, i know its far into the future, but i need to start saving up etc and planning it all! lol
Thanks very much for your help, i think thats all the questions i need answering for now, so thankyou!! :D
If you stay in San An the the bay area is really nice,but you don't want to stay too far out in the bay as it could be a bit of a walk into town. The maps on here are good to see where each hotel is situated and how close to the main town, theres a nice area of beach in San An, plenty of bars, restaurants and a harbour, there is also sunset strip where bars like Cafe Del Mar and Mambo are so that's definately worth a visit. San An is definately a nice place to stay just don't stay in the West End area. You can easily get buses from San An to Ibiza Town and Playa Den Bossa too....I'd recommend going for nights out in all three main resorts as getting around the island is easy and you will see far more of ibiza...enjoy!