Resistance 2019


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Musically I HATED the night, the only one I was even remotely interested in seeing didnt end up playing (hs82), crowd was fun tho. I didnt think it was going to be ALL straight up techno....not even one element of house I heard last night. Oh well......I can say ive been to privilage now.
Luigi Madonna was banging out some decent tech house to set the tone in the Vista


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With the immense schedules these days I‘m surprised that not more dj gigs get cancelled. Everybody gets sick once in a while and I‘m sure many stay home for much less than djs do. If they play nonetheless and underperform people will slag them off anyway so better to stay home when you‘re sick. I find that very understandable. Also not every sickness you want to share on socials.


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During the summer a lot of them are playing 4/5 times a week jumping from europe to south america till australia...they are simply trying to earn as much as possible ( amelie lens played 6 gigs in 3 days €€€ )


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Is this code for something else, and I’m being slow on the up-take?
Maybe? But she seemed very lucid when she collected her award.
It was the press conference she missed.
I actually thought I saw her sitting outside on a bench with a friend before we went into HEART, proper incognito - hidden in plain sight! Though I could be wrong