Resident advisor comments


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Im not sure exactly if it was the jackmaster thread or not that brought up the issue of RA being bias towards certain comments and deleting negative comments against certain artists and not others

Now they have announced they have disabled all comments on their website as of 2019.

Is this a good move? Did anyone here use the RA forums


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Just dipped in and out for set times etc. They had just become so toxic so i'm really not surprised and it probably is for the best although sad it has come to that. Only a matter of time before they do the same on the boiler room feeds as well. You get such a concentration of horrible people commenting on these things, you can see how RA would start to worry about the comments section not being representative of the broader reader base. other issue was people trying to scam people on tickets etc - reported a few myself for that.


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I left a comment once saying is shite and this track people raving about is crap,finished my rant asking am I missing something? Got a reply" Yeah EARS you fckn prick".... :lol: brilliant
We’re far too polite to you on here aren’t we ;)