rep companys



do any of you rate the rep companys and in your opinions what are the best ones.

this will be my third year there

each time i go with escaoades only ever done the excersions once but the reps where coooooll!!!!!

what do you think ??
don't like reps, they hassle you to much.
when on holiday i don't want to be hassled, i want to do what i want, and when i want
Yeah me too,

last year was my first in ibiza and we hadnt even settled into apartments when they came banging on our door, desperate to tell us what they had planned!

they spinned a load of bullshite!

telling us overrated prices of the clubs and how they can get us in cheaper!

honestly your better doin your own thing, and i bet you wont be savin any money by joining them!
i am going with twentys!!!!! apparantley they dont hassle you as much!!!!!
is it true!!!!!!
holiday reps

they all give you a little hassle. it's their job.
i have done 18 to 30's 5 time's it always came down to how up for it the reps where.
i also had reps in magaluf who where crap just took the money and you never sore them, or they where always late.
ibiza reps are always more up for it so you get a better laugh.

end of the day booking with 18 to 30 is cheap as they are going to try to sell you nights out, but you can always pay for the odd night, instead of the hole package.