Renting/leasing bar in Ibiza


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I’m just looking to ask a question,
Could anyone tell me does there be many opportunities for leasing or renting a bar in Ibiza?
Preferably San Antonio area?
If so does anyone know what kind of money it would be?
Thank you!


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I see various commercial properties to rent on idealista and also on Facebook marketplace - so you might get a good idea from checking there :)


The wrong side of the island and probably a bit quiet but the two bars in the Pueblo Esparragos area of Cala Llonga are for sale/rent currently. Think one comes with accommodation also.


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Wait until the end of 2021 and you will have a free choice wherever you want at a bargain price.

Forget Pueblo Esparragos, I go to that area for more than 30 years now, I have been through all bars in Cala Llonga, from standing up to lying beneath the pooltable, but I have never ever bothered to go to Pueblo Esparragos