Renting a moped


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I was just wondering a couple of things about this because I am going to rent one this year so that I can see some more of the island, and different beaches. How much does fuel cost for one of these bikes? How far can I go on the fuel, I was considering a 49cc bike. Anyone have any tips about driving them?

Thanks in advance.
Probably do about five laps of the island to a tank full!! Going to hire a bike myself this year. Try not to use it at night though, very dangerous.
Depends which side of danger you live on as well, there are many major casualties each year, as others will tell you. We've all seen 'em, wandering round with casts on, looking peeved to bits.
sheeva said:
How much does fuel cost for one of these bikes? How far can I go on the fuel, I was considering a 49cc bike. Anyone have any tips about driving them?

We used one last summer.

1. the fuel cost was cheap, I don't remember the exact cost, but it wasn't anything significant.

2. we stayed in Ibiza town and used the bikes to get to Pacha, Space, Bora Bora and Salinas. I would NOT recommend using it to get around the entire island because of the traffic and safety issues. If you'd like to tour the island I will strongly recommend a car. We didn't use the bikes to get to Amnesia because that highway looked way too dangerous for a scooter :eek:

3. just drive responsibly.
The main reason that I want to get the scooter is so that I can take short drives up and down the coast to explore different beaches? Is it really dangerous if I only drive during the day?
Yeah, get a car/jeep. Mopeds are insane, I've actually seen someone get killed on a moped over there. Don't ruin your holiday/life to save a few quid, play it safe.
mopeds are not good. me and me mates got them. one ended up with three broken ribs and fluid on his knee, a second ended up badley bruised in a ditch at the side of the road

So it looks like the mopeds are coming across as being a bit suspect. I must admit we had some close calls on the mopeds last summer -- thank God I arrived back in the States in one piece. In July we're using a car to get around the island.
the place we got them from let us have them without having a licence. she just looked at our passports and that was it.

im sure your meant to have something more than a passport?
good decision.

you will find that a car doesn't cost that much more than a moped as moped insurance costs are astronomical.

i personally always use a car, it's air conditioned, comfortable, carries 4 people and the dog, sun loungers, beach chairs, picnic tables etc. it also has a cassette player so i can listen to music, seatbelts to keep me fairly safe when i crash into a moped, and i arrive at my destination cool as a cucumber and not burned to a crisp.

cars are fab.
first time clubbing in ibiza in 1998, my friend wanted to hire mopeds but i resisted..

...last day saw a guy getting out of an ambulance after a moped accident...wearing shorts and flip flops and all down 1 side grazed, scraped and bleeding

not a good idea - i would never hire a moped there
mopeds don't crash by themselves ...... hire a moped but be careful stay safe and treat every other road user as a idiot ....
Good advice from Cal - But unless you are used to bikes over here then forget it - at 10mph in shorts you can lose almost all the skin off your legs etc..

Oh and insist on a crash helmet - I don't give a monkeys if you think you are barry sheen or if the helmets look gimp, if you choose not to then you are a fool!

They are fun, but not worth your your holiday or your life.

End of the day if you can afford to spend £100 per night in a club then why not club together and get a jeep or something!!!!!!!