Hi There
As I said in a previous post, I'm going to move to Ibiza in February.

Looking for an apt. on line for the whole year , I noticed, there are very few ads. compared to Palma.

Is it really so difficult to find a rent there?

I think to be on the isle to find a rent is the best way.
Given your experience, what would you do?
Money is not a big deal, I can even pay 6-12 months in advance.
tips and info are much appreciated.

Working as a Stocks Trader, with a pc at home, I'm very concerned about
internet connection and power outage.
What's the best provider on the isle in terms of speed and reliability in your opinion?
Is Adsl available in the main cities? Is there a map on line of the current "covered" areas?(San Antonio, S. Eularia etc)
Is it possible to verify whether a connection is available in a given area, simply by typing the telephon number in a provider's web page like we do In Italy? Yes you can (verified with Tiscali ;) )

Thanks a lot for your help!
if you have the money, finding an apartment for 12 months will not be difficult.
however our estate agents prefer working face to face rather than by email
( we are house searching at the moment and have never had a single reply to an email request)

adsl. yes you can check via the phone number and the big companes like telefonica and wanadoo can provide this service for about 25 euros a month. it's how we operate at spotlight.

i'm sure you'll find something you like in february when nobody's here.