rent a car



Last year i was with a friend of mine in Ibiza and we rented a Scooter. It was quite funny and of course comfortable to reach the hotel after clubbing. This year maybe we are four to go to Ibiza and I'm thinking of renting a car there. Have you experience in renting cars in Ibiza or did you always take the Discobus? Would you recommend it?

Lele -
car rental is great idea, providing one of your stays sober to drive. police controls are regular.

otherwise there is no stopping it - gives you flexibility to go and do what you want, when you want.
I would highly suggest renting a car. It gives you the option to travel the island and see the other side of Ibiza. My friend and I are going to rent a car for that reason. However, we will most likely take the disco bus, a taxi or walk to the bars and clubs since we don't want to risk jail time in a foreign country if you know what I mean! Hee! Hee! :D