Renaissance to play two special parties at Pacha


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taken from the news section!!!

In their own words "Renaissance this season we will be returning to their spiritual home in Ibiza, Pacha..." - how right they are and how we miss the fantastic parties Renaissance staged on Wednesday evenings in Pacha from 1996 to 1999.

This year however, if you are lucky enough to be in Ibiza on the Friday 1st August and / or Friday the 19th September you can catch them helping to celebrate Pacha's 30th Anniversary parties.

On the 1st August, Steve Lawler headlines with Pete Tong and Murk. The line up on the 19th September features Steve Lawler and Pete Tong and other guests TBC.
Nice, just catch the 19th Sept one.

Such a shame that Renaissance and Pacha are no more, I had some of my best clubbing in Ibiza there in late 90s.
it was much better than ministry danny rampling was playing real trance and he blew paul van dyke away, what year was that ?
ha didnt realise dyke was a swear word wonder if lesbo is