Relocation to Barcelona?


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I currently live in London and work in the media industry but used to live in Barcelona a few years back and worked semi-professionally as a teacher over a couple of years. Not really something I want to return to, but given that my only relatives are based there and ageing, I may have to move there within the next 5 years. Question is, if you have a degree and are bilingual (with passeable Catalan on top) but have no real skills, the Spanish labour market is a bugger to crack unless you want to do seasonal work or go into teaching. But the problem is I have no idea what other options are open to someone about to turn 34 and with a chequered employment history? :confused:

any advice?
this is simple but might give you a reality check about what to discount/expect

so how about looking at it from the other side.....have a trawl through job sites and see what is available. if you came over this way, you probably end up doing that anyway when you have to get a job, so do it now and get an idea at least.

i always see loads of office type jobs ranging from admin to research to media of sorts. that is probably your biggest market.

it's difficult to give advice really without knowing what you're like. some people would think, 5 years, that enough to retrain as a plumber or spark and do that over here. or others might just start over again doing whatever (bar, shop, ramblas entertainer;))but the truth is there is probably just as much opportunity for you to do something like you are doing now.

it's more about whether you wanna do that or not i suppose.
thanks, Grego - food for thought. Heading over there in a couple of weeks. Might do some research whilst I'm out with the folks
Wouldnt it be advisable to research multi national 'media industry' companies that have an office in barça, that you can maybe approach while in the Uk ?? Thats if you want to stick to that profession ofcourse.