Release Yourself or Toolroom Knights?


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Decisions decisions. Can anyone who's been to Roger at Ammnesia Terrace please chime in with their opinions on the party and what time he played from. Is it possible to make it to Ammnesia and Space on same night?? Mark Knight and Dave Spoon are at Space on Tues 8/25 and I keep missing MK everywhere. What times does anyone think he would play if it's Cox night and others on the bill? Thanks!
Hi there, I went to the opening of Release Yourself last Tuesday at Amnesia. We all had a fantastic night. Roger was on when we arrived around 1230 and played till at least 2.30am? My timinings might be slightly out? Then Tom Stephan came on and did a set and then Roger came back on and then they both played back to back. I had a great night, the music was top notch. The terrace was busy but not rammed. Plenty space to move around. The main room (Armada) was not that busy. Quietest I have ever seen the main room at Amnesia.

I have heard the lastest MK Toolroom Knights mix and its very good so I think you have a difficult decision. It it was me though I would go to Release Yourself. I have seen Roger Sanchez on many occassions and I have never heard him play a bad set. He does what it says on the tin....
Both nights are wicked.

Very tough decision to be honest.

Personally would go for Toolroom Knights, but i am biased on the Toolroom front.

Never had a bad night anywhere for Toolroom but saying that same for Release Yourself.

Not a bad choice to have though.
Depends what music you want overall from the night. I'm imagining you'd be going to Amnesia for the house rather than AVB. So I would probably go to Carl Cox to have the better all round night (even though it says Coxy isn't playing that night) That's just my opinion :)
That night at Space Toolroom are taking over the Terrace! Would have thought Spoon would play 1st, then MK, then Kissy Sell out finish it!
Norman Cook & Yoseph insidse!
Whilst Sanchez may be good, inside you've got trance & you can keep that as far as i'm concerned!
Thanks for the feedback. Sounds like Roger spins till close then, anyone think you can get in cheaper after 5am if I leave Space after MK? As a first timer I want to check out the Ammnesia Terrace if even for a bit. Going to Cocoon Classics the 28th with Underworld for sure, but I hear it's hard to get up to Terrace for those parties, is that true? Thanks!
Its gonna be hard to do anything in that cocoon classics night I would imagine you may as well wear roller skates and let the crowd carry you