Release Yourself 2003



Anyone got this CD yet - heard a few of the tracks off it, not bad. Don't know whether to get it or not - have last years which is alrite. :?:
How does it compare to last year's edition Spottster? Have surprised myself that I haven't bought it yet. Been keeping away from music stores in order to avoid going mental with the old plastic.

Will be dropping in on the S-man in Pacha on our first night when we arrive in August...not a bad start to the holiday is it?
Am afraid i couldnt tell ya foxy as i aint got last year's cd and any time i have heard it it's been at party's that ive been mashed at so am not the best person to compare the 2. all i can tell you is that it's very very good. think the best word that would describe it is 'spanish'. definately get your ass down and buy it!
Ok i've just finished hearing it for the third time and all i can say is that its an incredible 2CD compliation!

the first CD combines a more smooth tunes of the deep jazzy groove house styles, when the second CD hits us with a dancefloor type tunes as it reflects the more funky disco electro house styles of the S-Man.

Great album, go get it :)
Listen to Mr Fusion he talks sense! Just listened to it myself....although I don't think as foot stomping as it's predecessor, it's a class-act in it's own right. Not being able to stick the old sub woofer on overdrive (due to being at makes a quality dust trap all the same), I'll need to give it a thorough work-out in my car before I can truly appreciate it.

Saying that, i took the first one back as I was a little disappointed. Obviously i was having a late 20's crisis and had gone quite mad :eek: at this point of my life. Consequently I acquired it once more and I cannot imagine living without it. From start to finish it's a gem....Spottster if you like'd this Release, get the first it's gone into orbit! :lol:
I haven't heard it, but two weeks ago I was at his album release party in NYC.....if the album sounds anything like he did that night, it is off the hook