Recommendation for good/cheap apartments in San Antonio

do you want to go at the beginning or end of september, any preference as it will make a difference in price?, also what is your budget
they all have a handy map so you can see where they are and they all have a review section giving the opinions of our clients
there are lots of different options on prices. with a/c, without a/c etc. the prices are all generated from the same database both on the website and the booking system so they should be the same.
well its still coming up €4 more per person per night than it should

its not that much more though so it doesnt really bother me
the simple answer to this one was that the price per person on the price list is based on 4 in an apartment - when there are only two people the price per person increases. (though in the case of the tramuntana apartments which actually charges on the numebr of people using the apartment it's a bit more complicated)
Rosamar in the Bay is good! Some building work just outside so they have put the prices down! There is no building work actually going on, just doesnt look too pretty at the minute! If your not arsed about a view, get this booked! Right next to the taxi boat that goes into San An, good bus service from just outside and its just round the corner from BN3 the pre-club bar. They do free transport to all the clubs and sell all the tickets!