recommend me a hotel or apartment...



hi all - i'm coming over at the end of august and would like recommendation for hotels or apartments around the ibiza town, dalta villa, marina or talamanca area..

coming with girlfriend this year, shes never been so want to lord it a little - maybe the ocean drive? la ventana is fully booked :cry: but anything along those lines would be great - anyone any experiences of the canonigo apartments? they sound lovely - top end of the price range mind.

all help very much appreciated, speak on wise people...

La Torre del Canonigo is the most beautiful hotel in Ibiza. In fact the deco of my apartment it will be based on the one that is in La torre del Canonigo. Great hotel. Great spot. Great sights.
I agree, but you can also stay at other great places in Dalt Vila like La Ventana or El Corsario which are way cheaper than Torre.
Oh sorry I just noticed that you said that la Ventana is already booked out. :oops: If you stay at la Torre you should try and get the wedding suite, it's breathtaking...
I highly recommend Es Vive (Figuretas) or La Marina (lovely view of port, Ibia town )
Typo Alert!

Dont go looking for Ibia town, as far as I know it doesnt exist.
Try IBIZA Town. Sorry ! Blimey, for an Ed.assistant youd think I could type better
daltvila said:
If you try El Corsario insist on a room with a view to the port, it's amazing ;)
true!! :D

where are these places! i can't find them on the main site??? anywehre else i can look?