real cost of shopping

Rebecca G

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Can anyone give me an idea of the cost of clothing shopping in Ibiza? Which markets are decently priced for clothing and shoes? Trying to figure out if I should do all my clothing shopping here or half in Ibiza. Cheers!
I'd buy it at home as the dollar/euro exchange rate means everything is cheaper in the States. For Europeans who travel to the States (and expats like me on our visits home), we think of the US as a shopping wonderland these days!

Plus, the stores where you are should be clearing out their summer merchandise by now. Everything Must Go! :D
There are two different types of clothes shopping in Ibiza; cheap old tat at inflated prices or designer tat at inflated prices. Unless you have your heart set on a t-shirt with "Ibiza" and a lizard on it, I'd buy before you fly. We go back to the UK every year and buy our clothes there because the choice is better and everything is cheaper.
definitely better for us to buy @ home (the $ sucks right now). it isn't to bad for incidentals like a T-shirt or flip-flops tho
Yeah...I pretty much thought so. Darn! So much for the thrill of shopping in Ibiza. Thanx y'all!