real balearic music


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Wheres the best bars, beach bars etc to find real balearic music as opposed to standard house etc, looking for some bars that are not just sunset ambience then standard 4/4 beats, cheers
trully gutted not to make it there last summer

*for those in need of a balearic fix, I found this on another site the other day

awesome, imo

1.Megabyte-My Father Was A Teacher
2.Unknown Cases-Masimba Bele
3.Ottmar Liebert-Duende Del Amor
4.Jose Padilla-Close To You
5.Gipsy Kings-Inspiration
6.Belen Thomas-Survivor
7.Electra-Autumn Love
8.Kissing the Pink-Big Man Restless
9.La Banderita-Mediterranea
10.Mike Francis-Features Of Love-Apiento Edit
11.Byron-Too Much
12.Mandre-Solar Flight
13.Johnny Chingas-Phone Home-Instrumental
14.Jorge Ben-Oe Oe Faz o Corro De Boi NA Estrada
15.Mandy Smith-Mandy's Theme-Cool And Breezy Mix
16.Baffa-Piano On
17.Sure Beats Workin'-Beats Workin'
18.Simply Red-Something's Got Me Started-Steve Silk Hurley Mix
19.Limos-The Night Goes On-Extended Raya Mix
18.Roach Motel-The Night-Dark Mix
19.Weekender-Sunday Session
20.Loui$-Pink Footpath
21.Between the Sheets-Congo
22.Chris Rea-I Can Hear Your Heartbeat