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:( Well I think I did not make myself clear on this one judging by the reponse I have had....

Some people seem to think that I was not friendly to the bar staff for instance - well let me tell you that I am certainly not what we call here in Scotland a "growler" in that I don't draw people dirty looks, barge my way through the crowd, Im not rude to people and I always say please and thanks when I'm in a bar, shop etc (well in Ibiza - Gracias and Por Favor). I also try to get peoples attention by saying Ola and smiling... so don't think it was anything I done that made some people look at me like I was a piece of crap on their shoe! Usually my way to counteract a grim faced person is to draw a "smile" over my lips with a finger at them however in some cases I did not even bother cos if someone doesn't respond to a facial smile then they are not worth it.

I have also been to Ibiza 6 times so I know all about the prices and why they are like that and getting drunk before you go out etc......

I will continue this post when I get home as I am at work just now. Oh and by the way when you work with the public it is your job to give them good service whether you work in a bank, pub, resturant or even over the phone. If I had to treat one of my clients badly in my work then I would get my ass kicked and I worked in a bar for a year so I know all about "hatred of the general public". However no matter how crappy you feel you are supposed to treat your customers kindly - unless you have a REAL reason to dislike them i.e. being cheeky or not paying for drinks etc. You shouldn't work in a bar if you go into your work hating everyone. Yeah you might have to deal with a few drunken people but think about people like hospital staff and the crap they need to put up with - do they moan? NO!

As you can tell I feel very strongly about this and I'd better go as I need to get back to work - I will tell you guys why I was prompted to write the post in the first place when I get home.

By the way I still love the island and I will be back but not for a few years (although I am planning to go for a 3 day break next year for Space closing). :D
Hi Smokin Babe,

Hey it was me who spoke about 'hatred of the general public' just thought i would clarify my position on this. I totally agree with u that people who work behind the bar are paid to be pleasant to the customers. I wasnt attempting to justify the sort of attitude by bar staff u experienced in Ibiza, just that i can understand it. When i was in Ibiza, there were certain members of staff (esp in Pacha i found) who were obviously less than happy to be serving me, when i had done nothing to upset them. But i dont let it bother me as i know how a job like that can wear u down.

Its also true, IMO, that if u reach the stage where u have no time for any of ur customers then u should probably not be working in that job. But at the same time there can be constraining factors that keep people in jobs that they hate, at least in the short term. At any rate, this year was my first clubbing experince in Ibiza, in which most of my time was spent in awe of a place i think is wonderful, and not noticing the negative things that Ibiza veterans may more readily pick up on. So hope i havent caused any offence through interpreting your post the way i did :p

Lel :D