Ray Roc to dj at Cream Ibiza...


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Ray Roc joins Cream's Ibiza line-up

Cream has announced that Ray Roc will be playing four dates at the club's Ibiza night this summer.

The label owner and DJ will be playing at Amnesia on July 10, July 24, August 14 and August 28.
Quality - heard him mnay years ago - very good -

He produced Jungle Kisses as well which is a quality old record on the E-Legal label whuch at the time was one of the best.
he he !! :D

I like loads of stuff - as long as its quality stuff produced by quality musicians/dj's

I know what you mean though - I must sound like a right anal freak. :D
never heard of him, but i guess he plays trance (otherwise he wouldn´t join cream!) Correct me please!