Rank nights at Pacha. Need your help.


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Rank these nights at Pacha. From best to worse:

Release Yourself with Roger Sanchez on Mondays
Underwater with Darren Emerson on Tuesdays
Subliminal with Erick Morillo on Wednesdays
Ministry on Thursdays
Pete Tong on Fridays
Defmix with Sander Kleinberg on Saturdays
Scandal on Sundays

We want to go to maximum two nights in Pacha.
1. Subliminal with Erick. Erick is very good DJ, not as good as last year because of darker sound but... Good crowd too and you can be sure that the club is full.

2. Pure Pacha. I don't like Tong but guest DJ:s are SuperB! Good balearic crowd and extra decorations done.

3. Underwater with Darren. Good DJ:s. Not so intelligent music tho. And because of British club there will be lagerboys too. Not so many Arsenal flags if you compare it to Eden. ;)

4. Release Yourself with Roger. Roger is a very good DJ but I think it is boring to have same DJ all the time. Maybe it's just me. In July it was quiet night. Not empty tho.

5. Defmix. Good crowd but too much crowd. Not my kind of music.

6. Ministry is a rip off! Expensive tickets and low quality.

7. Sorry I can't say anything about Scandal because I love Sundays@Space. 8)
I looked party calender and you really have chosen right week to go :!:

Pure Pacha has Renaissance party with Sasha that week :!: MUST

And Erick has Seb Fontaine with him @ Subliminal party 8)

Thank you!!

I'm not sure I will go to Subliminal cos I'm going to La Troya @ Amnesia that night (I'll even get free possibly). But I'm surely going to Pure Pacha/Renaissance.

What kind of music do they play in Underwater and Defmix?