Rangers Celtic Wind-Up. Amusing If True.


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"A Celtic fan signed up on Follow Follow *a rangers message board), makes a couple of posts and no-one is any the wiser he's a Celtic fan.

Then he posted this thread below:

If you wan't tickets for next week's title decider away to Dundee United, read here...

Since the away allocation for Rangers fans of 5 thousand is long sold out, tickets for the home end is the only solution.

But as we all know, if your not on Dundee United's official club/supporter database then you won't even be able to buy tickets for the home end.

Here's what to do..

Phone up the Dundee United club shop. And ask to buy a pair of Dundee United kit socks. Don't even mention tickets for Sunday. They will become suspicious.Then when they take your sock order, personal details and process your payment your details will then be stored on thier system.
Give it a few hours until there's a shift change, phone up again and order your home tickets for the Rangers match and because of your sock order, you will be on thier system and you will get your match tickets. It's perfect lads.

Rangers fans have now been saying on Follow Follow they have loads of shorts and socks of Dundee United-but obviously didnt get a ticket. Dundee United socks, shorts and keyrings are now sold out !"
:lol: :lol: great prank.

Although from the version I have heard just a couple of people tried it - the power of the internet eh ;):lol:
an even better wind up was the mass texting by Rangers fans to Celtic supporting acquantances who were at Celtic Park on sunday

cue 22 mins in - hysteria in the stands in Glasgow as they believed that Dundee Utd had equalised against Rangers - when they had done no such thing!!!!