Radio On The Internet-uplifting Trance Ect??


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I need to know where to find good trance/uplifting radioshows on the net, as Denmark sucks when it comes to playing anything else that Britney, Christina, blablabla! We only have one show Friday evening, and that show is pretty o.k

When does Armin Van Burrens radioshow air and where can I hear it? When is Jules show on (go ahead, bite me - those people who think he sucks...!) - and where on the net can I get more info.
I know you people can help me so once again I ask you Ibiza-luvin´lad´s and ladies: SPILL THE BEANS! (That sentence is becoming a trademark for me! LOL*)

HAVE A NICE DAY (THE REST THAT´S LEFT ANYHOW!) ;) 8) is a dutch radiostation that plays all kinds of house, dance and trance music 24/7. Check the website for program
Hey Robo how come you have been upgraded to a honorary moderator?!

But thanks anyway, I know about the radio 1 shows already. so.....